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Tessa Terrace
South Moorhead, Minnesota

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R. Scott Carey began engineering this development in the late 90’s. The dream was to preserve the original pasture land and aesthetics that was a beautiful farm and horse boarding site that had been in the Vette family since 1928. The previous owners Leland and Eileen Vette were gracious enough to trust RS Carey Land Company to design and develop their property. Extra fountains, waterways, and bike trails were designed into the development to facilitate an active lifestyle and create a stunning setting for your home. With the opening of the  third addition, the public can envision the continuance of that dream, and can realize what a pristine environment has been created for your home. Tessa Terrace is located Southwest of Allyson Parkway along the Red River of the North and follows the contour and private loops of the river.

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Lots Range in Price from $94,000 to $234,000

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Tessa Terrace 1st Addition

Tessa Terrace 2nd Addition

Tessa Terrace 3rd Addition

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