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Hampton Place
South Moorhead, Minnesota

After three years of planning with the Nokken family of south Moorhead the Hampton Place Addition was started in 2004. This addition was designed and developed by RS Carey Land Company;  Scott Carey's vision was to reach a market for homebuyers previously untouched by Allyson Parkway and Tessa Terrace. In combination with Ulteig Engineers and the city of Moorhead, RS Carey Land Co. designed this development to feature beautiful ponds, bike trails to neighborhood parks, and covenants that govern and assure protection for your dream home. Spaciously designed lots in the $28,700-$46,000 range for the most part have allowed families to enjoy the amenities previously not available in a custom development. Location is the primary factor when choosing a lot to build your new home. If you want a safe neighborhood close to schools, Hampton Place is the place for you!

           * Architectural Control
           * Spacious Buiding Sites
           * Classic Lighting

          Lots Range in Price From:
               $48,000 to $72,000
                Specials $16,000-$17,000

   Call Scott Carey at
   (218) 979-6099
   For More Information!

Hampton Place is located close to Moorhead's
Newest Elementary School, features spacious
lots that are very affordable with bike trails and 
neighborhood parks for your entire family to enjoy!

Click on Links Below to See Maps and Pricing:

Hampton Place 1st Addition
Hampton Place 2nd Addition

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